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Industrial Thermoforming & Custom Pallets by Peninsula Plastics

Engineered Thermoforming

Thermoformed Plastic Tray

Welcome to Peninsula Plastics.  We are a custom-engineered industrial thermoforming company. If you need a packaging material to ship your product in a secure and safe way, look no further. At Peninsula Plastics, we make returnable packaging for a wide variety of industries, and we can easily meet your needs. If you need custom plastic pallets, trays and/or lids, we are your solution.

If you need a plastic part for your process, we can make it. If you are looking for an air, sound, or water gasket or seal we can also help you.

We are an approved OEM supplier of production parts and we have all the certifications to support our commitment to quality, service, and the environment.


Contact us today and we’ll help you make your idea a reality.