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Pressure Thermoforming & Blow Forming

Pressure Forming at Peninsula Plastics is the method used to produce injection mold quality, high definition plastic component parts, housings and containers without the huge expense of tooling. It involves using positive pressure to force heated plastic into a mold cavity. This is called pressure thermoforming or blow forming.

Pressure Forming Working Operation:

The highly versatile pressure forming process utilizes air pressure from 20 to 150 psi to force a heated sheet of plastic into a temperature-controlled mold cavity. Small vent holes are drilled in the mold to release the trapped air. The final part features sharp definition, intricate contours, and tight radii. Using a pre-textured molds, textures, and accurate details are built right into the tooling. We can create low-cost, aesthetically pleasing plastic parts of varying sizes by using air pressure, as well as more sophisticated process controls.  These processes accurately monitor tool and sheet temperatures while controlling material shrinkage during forming.

Pressure forming is used to create in a wide array of plastic products used for packaging food trays, blisters, covers, internal parts, housing equipment, bezels, bases, and spare parts for use in business machines, electronics, computers and peripherals, bio-medical applications, and instruments.


Pressure forming can achieve features beyond the capabilities of vacuum forming such as louvers, ribs, recessed areas, crisp details and logos.

Pressure forming is ideal for small to medium sized production runs that do not justify the high cost of injection molding dies. Additionally, because the aluminum tooling used in pressure forming has an unlimited lifecycle (because we’re using a non-abrasive process rather than injection) it saves a great deal of money over the years as you continue to reuse it.

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