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Industrial Thermoforming Capabilities

At Peninsula Plastics, we are capable of a wide variety of thermoforming techniques. Depending on the product requirements, our design engineers will work with you to customize your product to your exact specifications. From vacuum forming to pressure forming, at Peninsula Plastics we can produce any idea you can think of.

You would think that accommodating custom requests, especially with our increasingly wide array of thermoforming capabilities, would be pricey. However, thanks to our highly efficient process, we deliver our first rate services at cost-effective prices.

Vacuum Forming

Vacuum forming is one of the thermoforming capabilities that we offer at Peninsula Plastics. Vacuum forming is a process that is commonly used to produce automotive parts such as truck bedliners and belt shields.  In vacuum forming, air is evacuated from a mold casing containing a heated sheet of plastic. The vacuum forming process involves sophisticated controls that enable higher production speeds and more detailed applications.

Pressure Forming

Pressure forming is one of the thermoforming capabilities that we offer at Peninsula Plastics. During the pressure forming process, pressure is applied to the underside of a thermoformable sheet of material to produce injection mold quality, high definition plastic components, housings, and containers. Pressure forming with Peninsula Plastics offers the highly detailed appearance of an injection-mold part without the huge expense of tooling.


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