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Custom Thermoforming Services

Thermoforming offers many potential over other processing methods.

Thermoforming is a process used to create plastic parts. During the process, a thermoplastic sheet is heated to a pliable forming temperature. It is stretched onto or into a mold or pattern. It is conformed to the mold by applying vacuum pressure between the mold surface and the plastic sheet. Vacuum Thermoforming is a low-cost alternative to injection molding with some distinct advantages such as lower tooling costs, high volume replication, and versatility.


Peninsula Plastic Thermoforming processes and capabilities produce high quality, durable products for our customers. Our products are aesthetically pleasing and long lasting. We take pride in everything we manufacture and we stand behind our manufacturing results by placing a guarantee on everything we produce, something that is not easy to find when looking for an offshore manufacturer.

The thermoforming process, machinery, and tooling have grown technically over the past years, making thermoforming a very attractive option for our customers. Peninsula Plastics is capable of competing with many types of plastic processing and large volume work; with the recent advances at Peninsula Plastics make us highly competitive. Thermoforming uses relatively inexpensive tools for forming parts. The cosmetic services of our parts can mimic those of injection molded parts. The strength of our parts, especially twin sheet formed parts, creates a new option for our customers looking for high-strength, high-rigidly, high-impact resistant parts.

Peninsula Plastics is a world-class leader in the design and manufacturing of thermoformed products using a variety of forming processes.

The customers of Peninsula Plastics have learned the benefits of the thermoforming process. Many of our customers have pushed the envelope at Peninsula Plastics, forcing us to think outside the box and to create new and innovative solutions to their problems through tooling and processing changes and trim technology. Let us look at your most difficult project to see whether we can solve your most challenging problems for you. Ask more of us, and we can all succeed together.

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