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Mechanical Sub Assembly Services

Peninsula Plastics is a leader and innovator in sub-assemblies for our broad customer base. Peninsula Plastics complies with all design and engineering standards in order to ensure that our customers get the products they require.

Typical sub-assemblies include plastic, steel, vacuum formed details or thermoformed details, injection molded details, wood, seat belts, miscellaneous hardware, and any other component required to manufacture the final product to the customer’s specification and acceptance.

Services Sub Assembly

We have expertise in many types of adhesives and as well as on-site robotic cells set up specially for applying glue and other adhesive according to detailed specifications.

Products - OEM Parts - silencer intakeSome of the OEM parts at Peninsula Plastics are non-woven materials, which are bonded to thermoplastics, either mechanically or by using heat and pressure. These sub-assemblies create a finished product that will solve a variety of issues for the end customer.

Peninsula Plastics uses various methods to create cost-effective and efficient sub-assembles for all industries.  We can:

  • Join multiple thermoformed plastic parts using solvent or structural adhesive bonding
  • Add hardware to thermoformed parts that have holes or openings
  • Integrate injection molded parts with thermoformed parts to create a complete assembly
  • Add machined or fabricated components (metal, plastic, etc.) to thermoformed parts
  • Use adhesives to add hardware or other parts to the thermoformed parts
  • Add your electronic components to the thermoformed parts
  • Create sub assemblies or complete assembly of finished goods
  • Add seat belts
  • Add stoppers
  • Apply Velcro straps
  • Install urethane details
  • Apply hot stamp lettering
  • Apply glue
  • Install RF ID tags

Services Sub AssemblyDifficult and daunting task take on new life at Peninsula Plastics. We are a leader in fabrication and sub-assemble for thermoformed, vacuum formed, compression molded, or twin sheet formed products. Our customers love us and you will to. Please contact Peninsula Plastics to discuss your tasks at hand and let Peninsula Plastics solve the issues for you. This is what we do.