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Tool Mold Design & Engineering Services


Peninsula Plastics’ engineering department is comprised of dedicated and experienced workers who share the common goal of providing our customers with the highest quality products possible.

Peninsula Plastics’ custom design team for returnable packaging of OEM parts and components can meet our customers’ needs from start to finish. Peninsula Plastics’ in-house design department, along with our pattern and tooling departments will save our customers time and money.

Services - Engineering & Tooling

Our engineering department has the necessary tools and experience to work with different software like Solid Works, UG NX7.5, Catia V5 R19, Surfcam V6, to name a few.  They are also well-versed in a variety of areas, such as vacuum form, single sheet, twin sheet, pressure form, steel rule die cutting, CNC machining, CNC trim, robot, fabrication, check fixtures trim fixtures, holding fixtures, glue fixtures, and others.

As a leader in vacuum forming, we offer our customers numerous advantages. Our custom-design engineering services will take your specific product requirements and turn them into the products you need. Our objective at Peninsula Plastics is to put our thermoforming skills to work for you and to provide you with sensational workmanship.  We will deliver a finished product to you on time and on budget.

Through innovation and advanced technology, our design engineering team is able to re-engineer while saving on tool molding costs vs. injection molding.


Services - Engineering & ToolingServices - Engineering & Tooling

We can develop the right reusable packaging for you, thanks to our expert personnel, top-of-the-line equipment, and “total responsibility/single source” approach.

Our pattern and metal fabrication shops are in-house, which assures that we have close control of each reusable packaging system production phase. Last-minute revisions to your reusable packaging due to design changes are accommodated promptly and efficiently.

Whether it’s creating die cuts, prototyping, tool molding, or manufacturing, our in-house operations generate savings for you and produce the very best reusable packaging systems. Thermoforming requires less forming pressure, so tooling can be conducted at a lower cost. You’ll get the latest innovations in design, quality assurance, and manufacturing.