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Industrial Die Cutting

Peninsula Plastics’ capabilities don’t end at thermoforming. Besides forming and CNC trimming, Peninsula Plastics offers a state of the art, 3D die cut process, which adds custom dimensions and shapes to meet your products’ needs. We offer two types of die cuts: either center bevel or serrated die cut options, depending on the product you would like to create. EVA, XLPE, and PVC are a few of the material options used in producing a part before the die cut process. Punch cuts, perforated cuts, match metal dies, trim dies, Roller Press Clicker Press and Stamping Press are also available.

Peninsula Plastics’ product offerings and solutions are not tied to one specific material or supplier.

Services - Die CutWe use a variety of different raw materials and adhesives, available in many colors and styles, in our die cutting services. We supply to the demands of the automotive manufacturing market and other manufacturing environments.  We’re fast, flexible, and capable of producing die-cut prototype parts to meet our customers’ needs.

Some of our materials include (but are not limited to) EVA, XLPE, PVC, NON-WOVEN MATERIALS, PP FOAM.  We can form and die cut products such as watershields, sound barriers, console liners, evaporator liners, and vibration dampeners, just to name a few. We have a competitive advantage over any die cut manufacturer because we can form a shape in the material and then die cut it.   We are capable of making unique parts that very few other companies have the capability to make.

Services - Die Cut 2

If you are looking for a gasket, an air and water seal, acoustical insulation, a buzz, squeak & rattle (BSR), cup holders or bin mat components, an A, B, or C Class surface decorative part, pillar & door trim insulation, mirror gaskets, HVAC seals, noise reduction components, etc., look no further.  Peninsula Plastics is the place to go for all your OEM parts that need 3D shaping and trimming.

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