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CNC & Robotic Trimming

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) has been around for years, and is definitely the norm for a company manufacturing anything of high quality in today’s world market. Peninsula Plastics is unlike other thermoforming companies around the world because we have our own in-house CNC machines. This means that Peninsula Plastics does not have to wait in line to work on your job and that you, the customer, get faster service. Our company has changed with the times moving from 12 full-time pattern makers to two CNC machines and four robots capable of putting your idea into your hands quickly and efficiently.

All of our designing utilizes many tools and is done in-house and in 3D. Whether our design department starts with an idea communicated over the phone or with a 3D scan of an existing product or component, we work with whatever information you give us and turn around a real-life sample in a short amount of time.

CNC & Robot Trimming - 5 Axis CNCPlastic Stackable PalletsRobot Trimming

Once your design is completed, some manufacturers will hand the job off to a pattern maker to build the tool by hand cutting, sanding, and gluing the wood.  Other companies will will ship the design off to their CNC house. But, here at Peninsula Plastics, we have these capabilities inside our building. Our large true 5 Axis 192” x 68” x 40” CNC router can handle almost any size or type of material imaginable. As jobs progress, there are always design changes–especially in the fast paced automotive world. These changes can be quickly realized with our CNC and 3D design software.

Peninsula Plastics has four Fanuc robots, which we can deploy to any of our thermoforming machines for the ultimate in repeatability. Imagine replacing four of your workers with one that never deviates from the task you give it. This gives Peninsula Plastics another advantage over the competition. A robot is the ultimate machine when it comes to repeatability. For Peninsula Plastics, this means that we can consistently and efficiently produce and ship products to our customers with minimal overhead.

CNC & Robot Trimming add detail to and accurately trim parts to produce your final product.

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