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Thermoforming, Die Cutting & Other Services

Peninsula Plastics offers a full line service of vacuum and pressure forming services as well as steel rule die cutting, CNC, and robot trimming. Peninsula Plastics uses the latest technologies for our customers including:

In-House Engineering Department

Custom designs for all your packaging needs, We offer a wide variety OEM parts like water shields, air ducts, air intake components, solar panel components, green roof containers, flower pot containers, sleds for recreation, CNC, robot trimming, steel rule die cuts, sub assembly, engineering, custom tooling for compression, vacuum forming, twin sheets, storm chambers, water treatment components.

In-House Pattern and Tooling Department

We have years of experience in twin sheet and single sheet vacuum form tooling, steel rule die, compression form, check fixtures and gauges, and vacuum fixtures. With our in house tooling department.  Our fast, efficient turnaround times save everyone time and money.


Services - Engineering & Tooling (1)Peninsula Plastics can manufacture a wide variety of parts from returnable dunnage for the automotive, packaging and food industries, including shipping pallets and grocery pallets, OEM parts, console liners, water and sound shields, air ducts, and more. Peninsula Plastics has eight vacuum and compression form machines, five Steel rule die presses, one roller press, one robotic glue machine, two CNC machines, and five Robots.

We have a very dedicated, experienced, and knowledgeable team with over 125,000 ft² of updated manufacturing space.  We do whatever it takes to meet our customers’ needs.

Full services, from start to finish.


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