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Industrial Yarn Packs & Packaging

Yarn PackWhy choose Peninsula Plastics for your new industrial yarn pack design? Peninsula Plastics is a custom thermoformer and has spent years working with many yarn manufacturers. We know the industry and have found ways over the years to keep our customers coming back. We have many different existing designs that may be a good fit for what you are already making and shipping in cardboard. Many customers have already trusted Peninsula Plastics to protect the lifeblood of their business.

Peninsula Plastics takes the problems brought to us very seriously, and designing your new yarn pack is no different. First, we strive to give you the most return on your investment by engineering each part to your exact specifications. Next, we take our customer service to the next level by always trying to improve shipping density and robustness of the yarn pack, and by maintaining a high quality standard to ensure you receive your quality product on time delivery.

Products - Yarn Pack - Textile #1Whether you use plastic cones or cardboard tubes, whether you ship cotton or carpet yarn, Peninsula Plastics has the know-how to get your yarn spools or packages to their destination as safe as possible. Taking into consideration the many ways that the tubes and cones can get damaged takes years of on-the-job knowledge, and no one is more dedicated to this than Peninsula Plastics. Our designs can be as simple as you need or as custom and complex as you like. Our staggered pack is patent pending and has enabled customers to fit more pounds / kilograms of yarn per container than ever before. The bottom line is that Peninsula Plastics is the place to come when you need a partner to help you with your shipping needs.

Yarn Pack - Textile

Packing your yarn spools or packages into corrugated cardboard will work in some cases where longevity of the pack is not a concern.

Going green is something that should be on all of our minds and if you are still packing in corrugated your competitors are leaving you behind.

Shipping into a humid climate is one of the worst things you can do to a corrugated yarn pack. The solution to this issue is to use a custom, returnable, 100% recyclable material that is waterproof, climate resistant, and can be color-coded for easy identification in a plant. Both HDPE and HMWPE are impenetrable to insects and will last 10 times longer than their corrugated counterparts.

Whether you’re shipping a 40’ sea container around the globe or a 10’ box truck down the street, bring your packaging requirements to Peninsula Plastics for the most return on your investment.

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