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Specialty Thermoformed Products

Peninsula Plastics has a long history of vacuum forming and thermoforming products for many diverse industries. The design and engineering expertise at Peninsula Plastics allows us to focus on your specific needs for your projects. We have a wide range of forming techniques and Peninsula Plastics is capable of forming any thermoplastics material. We have expertise in close tolerance trimming and sub assembles. Peninsula Plastics deals with “Class A” surfaces on a routine basis. Our expertise in twin-sheet forming opens a new dimension to product design and strength. No industry is foreign to Peninsula Plastics. Let Peninsula Plastics solve your vacuum forming or thermoforming problems with unwavering confidence.

Aerospace and Defense

Specialty Battery BoxPeninsula Plastics has experience with aerospace and defense contractors. We have successfully manufactured everything from plastic pallets to sophisticated battery boxes for military vehicles. Our forming techniques and part processing have made Peninsula Plastics an approved source of high quality parts for the defense and aerospace industries. The quality systems at Peninsula Plastics allow us to be compliant to the stringent standards required in the defense and aerospace industries. When the security of our nation and the safety of its citizens are involved, you can count on Peninsula Plastics.


Peninsula Plastics has focused on the retail industry as a part of our strategic growth. The material used and the processes developed at Peninsula Plastics make this industry a perfect fit for every every retail need, from shipping eggs to shipping bulk groceries.  The team at Peninsula Plastics is a step above the competition because we listen to our customers and solve their problems. From dragging deer out of the woods to pampering your dog with its own swimming pool, Peninsula Plastics stands ready to solve your retail packaging and specialty product challenges.


Specialty Dog PoolPeninsula Plastics prides itself in working with a diverse array of industries. The vacuum forming and thermoforming process lend themselves to creating many different products. Peninsula Plastics is very concerned about the environment and we want to be a good corporate citizen. Peninsula Plastics prides itself in achieving and maintain an ISO 14001 Certification in environmental concerns. Peninsula Plastics manufactures environmentally friendly products like storm water chambers and Greek roof planting containers. We also manufacture complex products for the sports and recreation industry on a regular basis. If you need parts for you recreational vehicle and off road vehicle, Peninsula Plastics has the answer. If you need parts to complete you heavy-duty truck program, Peninsula Plastics has the answer. Peninsula Plastics stands ready to solve you vacuum forming and thermoforming problems.

Reproduction Art

Peninsula Plastics is the uncontested manufacturer of vacuum formed and thermoformed reproduction art. Using our patented processing, we have produced reproduction art for one of the world’s largest big box retailers. From forming to framing, Peninsula Plastics stands head and shoulders to ANY worldwide competition in the vacuum forming arena. Step up and give Peninsula Plastics your most changing project. Let us solve the problems that others couldn’t. Peninsula Plastics is your go-to source for all you thermoforming and vacuum forming requirements.