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OEM Parts Production

An Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) part is designed specifically to fit your vehicle’s original assembly without requiring any additional modifications. OEM parts are custom-manufactured, which ensures that every part fits perfectly every time. Currently, Peninsula Plastics is designing and manufacturing numerous OEM parts for the automotive industry, as well as for recreational vehicles. Our extensive experience in thermoforming gives us the knowledge required to produce high quality OEM foam parts. Many different types of material can be used for your specific application, some of which include:

  • XLPE Foam – a closed-cell, chemically cross-linked PE foam, which produces a lightweight, flexible product that is tough and moisture-resistant. ¬†This material is great for insulation and sound proofing applications.
  • Non-Woven Fiber – a carpet-like material that can be thermoformed to fit inside a center console, trunk, or interior of any automobile. Non-woven fiber can be specifically manufactured to be fire retardant, anti microbial, or UV protected.
  • EVA – a material commonly used to create watershields for use in automobile doors. This impermeable material keeps the sensitive components inside the door protected from dust, water, and other elements. EVA also significantly reduces the amount road noise audible in the interior of the vehicle.
  • ABS – an impact-resistant thermoplastic used on many automotive interior and exterior accent pieces. ABS is often used to make dashboards, spoilers, and fender flares. This material can also be laminated to give a custom look in finishes such as wood grain, carbon fiber, or chrome.
OEM Access CoverOEM Console LinersOEM - Dashmat SilencerOEM - Door Water ShieldOEM - Evaporator WrapOEM - Foam AirductOEM - Plastic Sound BarrierOEM - Silencer IntakeOEM - Vibration DampenerOEM - Window Trim

The amount of materials that we can use on our thermoforming and die cut process for OEM parts is endless. Contact us to discuss the right material for your application.