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Material Handling Packs & Trays

The Peninsula Plastics thermoforming process creates robust, reusable packaging that can survive the distribution loop as much as 30 times longer than wood pallets. Our plastic trays and plastic pallets cut down on the cost of shipping because our customers don’t have to constantly restock their supplies.

Peninsula Plastics can supply returnable and reusable thermoformed trays and pallets for all your needs from automobile parts to lightbulbs.

Unlike wood pallets, which have wood across the bottom, Peninsula Plastics’ pallets are have open legs, which make them easier to transport by pallet jack and forklift. No more wood chips! Stackable plastic pallets, trays, and lids give you more room in warehousing and save in shipping cost.  You can easily stack your product to save space and keep it safe from damage at the same time.

Also, plastic pallets and plastic trays help avoid product contamination and also eliminate the need to heat treat the pallets you export.

Peninsula Plastics can take you from “idea” to “reality” for all your material handling needs. We offer plastic pallets, plastic trays, and plastic lids that can be used in racks or in packs.

Material Handling - 180 Stack TraysMaterial Handling - Automotive TraysMaterial Handling - Automotive TraysMaterial Handling - Column Stack TrayMaterial Handling - Custom Design PacksMaterial Handling - Double Stack PalletsMaterial Handling - Tray with Knit RibsMaterial Handling - Quarter and Half TraysMaterial Handling - Rack Base DunnageMaterial Handling - Steel Rack

Peninsula Plastics can design your pallet, tray or lid to be picked up by material handling equipment of any type. Plastic trays or pallets can be designed to run on conveyors and part feeders. Plastic trays can have better ergonomics for part picking and loading while keeping your product safe from damage with part pocket fit. Peninsula Plastics trays can allow you more flexibility in shipping your products by designing multiple parts per tray.

More and more companies are looking at ways to save warehouse space and reduce shipping cost. Here at Peninsula Plastics, we can help your company find material handling solutions for your unique situation.

Our pallets, trays, and lids offer a two-touch supply chain. Your product is loaded into a pack that is designed specifically for your product and then goes directly into the hands of the end user, cutting down cost of material handling and lessening the chance of your product getting damaged.

Products - Material Handling - quarter and half trays with lidPeninsula Plastics can design your material handling packs to fit over the road trailers to sea containers. You can also specify the weight-range or thickness of material that best suits your material handling needs.

Peninsula Plastics can design packs in plastic ranging .040 to .500 gauges, with in-house tooling, at our high-volume manufacturing plant in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

Peninsula Plastics’ plastic trays and pallets can be made with non-skid surfaces, with urethane details to keep your product safe, and in materials ranging from ABS to HDPE. Peninsula Plastics has been a leader in material handling for over 30 years, and we strive to continue to improve our material handling process for our customers.

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