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Thermoformed Plastic & Foam Products

At Peninsula Plastics, we have all of the capabilities to design and manufacture custom products that will fit the needs of any company. Our current products include an extensive collection of plastic pallets, trays, totes, and OEM automotive parts. With our extremely talented design & engineering team, we are able to tackle even the most difficult projects.

The benefits of using thermoformed plastic products for your company are endless. Whether you are looking for plastic pallets, totes, or trays, you will be impressed with the durability and ruggedness of our products. Wood pallets and corrugated boxes can lose their strength when subjected to the elements, but our products maintain their integrity through many years of common industrial wear and tear.

Thermoformed products are built using various types of plastic and foam materials, most of which are 100% recyclable. We offer great programs to ensure that old plastic pallets and trays are recycled and don’t end up in landfills. We will buy your old pallets back, grind them into pellets, and produce fresh, new pallets and trays out of the recycled material. One of the greatest benefits of manufacturing recyclable products is knowing we are all doing our part to help maintain a clean environment.

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