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Why We Make Reusable Plastic Pallets & Trays

Solutions that help the environment

Almost all thermoforming materials are recyclable.  If a pallet is broken, it will be converted into new pallets. This means that the useful life of our materials is indefinite; this is beneficial to you and to the environment. New production materials can be created out of excess products and scrap that you don’t use. Using our recyclable plastic pallets, trays, and lids is a perfect way to utilize the same material.  This reduces product damage and returned loads, adds efficiency to the supply chain, and saves resources. The typical wooden pallets have a shorter life than plastic pallets.

Once used, wooden pallets take up space in your warehouse because they can’t be stacked as efficiently as nested plastic pallets.  If shipped back, wooden pallets take up more shipping container space, which results in excessive return shipping costs.  Plastic pallets can be nested to save space and take less fuel to produce, which reduces their carbon footprint. Eventually, due to contamination and damage, wood pallets end up in landfills where they will never be used again. Plastic pallets can be easily cleaned and reused.

Why pay for a wood pallet and continually have to buy more when our plastic pallets are 100% returnable?

About Us - Environment ContentWe don’t just accept your used plastic pallets, we also credit your next purchase for any returned plastic pallets.  We know it’s important to continually reuse the resources we have. We receive your scrap or excess products, which are then converted and used to create the same type of superior products we offer to you every day. Recycle what you don’t use and save yourself the hassle and cost of disposing of used products.  Let us do all the work for you!

We will buy all your plastic pallets, trays, and lids that you do not use. We pay a fixed price per pound and we take responsibility for cleaning and recycling your scrap products. For our customers in Mexico, there’s no need to ship their scrap pallets and trays all the way to Michigan; we now have a facility in Monterrey, Mexico that can receive your old plastic products.

We will credit your next purchase for any return plastic pallets, trays or lids we receive from you.